About Edward Quammen

Born in California, raised in Washington, Eddie was a typical American boy full of mischief and love for his family.

 When quite young Ed loved outdoor actives such as crabbing, clamming and fishing.  Later he enjoyed playing basketball and camping with friends and attending all Seattle sporting events. 

Ed attended public school in Bellingham, Washington, beginning with preschool through his graduation from university. During those years Ed met and made life-long friends who miss his loyal nature and quick witt to this day.

Ed enjoyed traveling, finding his way to Mexico, Japan, China, Germany, England, Turkey, Greece, Phillipines, Thailand, Canada, Viet Nam, Korea, Tibet, Hong Kong.

As an adult Edward Quammen was an individual of extraordinary intelligence, confidence and decisiveness. Very soon after beginning college he knew that he wanted to work in commercial banking.





He had a strong interest in finance and economics as well as cultures and countries beyond his own which led him to commercial banking on an international level.

After graduating from Western Washington University in 2002 with a degree in Economics he obtained a position with Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in Seattle, Washington. He was employed there for nine years, putting in his full effort, learning much from his mentors , becoming the youngest person to receive the full title of Senior Vice President in 2010 at age 30.

During his career with Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ed worked and lived in Seattle, Washington, Shanghai China and Tokyo Japan.

In addition to a strong work ethic, Ed had a strong passion for education. For that reason, in early 2011 he returned to the United States to attend graduate school. His goal was to obtain an MBA in International Business and then return to international banking. Unfortunately, he unexpectedly passed away August 26, 2011 before he had the opportunity to achieve that goal.


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