Edward Quammen Scholarship : Recipients


It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors
announce the 2017 Recipients
Stephanie Lim and Cheyenne Fields

Once again the Scholarship Selection Committee had many qualified applicants to choose from this year. All are impressive, deserving young men and women so the decision was difficult. After much consideration the committee was able to agree on two extaordinary students. 

Stephanie LimStephanie Lim is a senior at University of Washington, Seattle pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with focuses in Finance and Marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Informatics, along with a Certificate in International Studies Business. She has taken advantage of the opportunity to study language and culture in both China and Ecuador. Those opportunities, along with her passion for global awareness and culture, and strong communication and leadership abilities will take her far as she pursues an international career.

Stephanie is the recipient of a $2,500.00 scholarship.

Stephanie’s comments: Thank you so much. I feel extremely honored to have received this scholarship.

Cheyenne FieldsCheyenne Fields found that her desire to be part of the international business community was cemented while participating in a leadership development and community service program in Costa Rica.  Currently pursuing an Accounting degree, a Certificate in International Studies in Business with a Spanish minor at University of Washington in Seattle Cheyenne intends to become CPA certified so that she may begin her career by working for a large international accounting firm.  Described as hard-working, intellectually curious and open-minded Cheyenne will no doubt be successful in her future endeavors.

Cheyenne is the recipient of a $2,500.00 scholarship.

Cheyenne’s comments: A scholarship like this is so amazing, and I am honored to be assisted in carrying out a similar dream/ goal as Mr. Quammen.

2016 Recipients

Audrey Fletcher Audrey Fletcher is a senior at Foster School of Business, University of Washington in Seattle, Washington where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.
Her focus has been on Finance and obtaining a Certificate of International Studies. Her recent studies have included a program in China. Audrey is scheduled to graduate in June and intends to pursue a career in the international financial services industry. Her fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese will certainly be an asset.
Audrey has been described as a highly motivated learner, someone who performs at an extremely high level, a great leader and a joy to be around.

Audrey is the recipient of a $2,500.00 scholarship.

Audrey's’s comments:  I would like to thank you for the generous scholarship. It will definitely make a difference in the next few months as I complete my undergraduate education. My heart hurts for your loss, but I am happy that you are working to make sure that Edward's story is being heard. His career path truly inspires me and I hope that i will be able to follow in his footsteps. 

Valentino LeidiValentino Leidi is a senior at Florida International University in Miami, Florida majoring in International Business, currently maintaining a 4.0 GPA. His career goal is to work in the international air transport industry after graduation. He has an ongoing interest in the rapid development of China.
Valentino is well liked by classmates and instructors, is passionate about his learning experience and has a strong work ethic. All of these things will serve him well as he moves forward in the world of international business.

Valentino is the recipient of a $2,500.00 scholarship.

Valentino’s comments:  I want to thank all the volunteers of the Edward Quammen Scholarship. It makes me feel great to know that you are believing in me.  

Annie Vohs Annie Vohs is a student at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington pursuing a degree in International Business and Music.
Annie hopes to combine her education in business and her love of music into a career within the global music community. Annie is described as ‘endlessly reliable, fastidious and intelligent’. There seems to be no doubt that whatever her specific career path is she will be successful.

Annie is the recipient of a $1,000.00 scholarship.

Annie’s comments: Thank you so much! I am thrilled I can use these funds to work towards a career that I hope would make Ed proud.  

2015 Recipients

Aurash Arvani FletcherAurash Arvani is a Junior at University of Washington, Seattle Washington where he is studying Business Administration (Finance). He is working towards a certificate of International Studies in Business with an emphasis on Spanish studies as well as working on advanced classes on Middle Eastern studies.
Aurash plans on studying abroad in Spain next year. Able to speak several languages, and currently studying others, Aurash is hoping that his multilingual abilities will assist him in meeting his career goal of working at an international financial firm, possibly in the banking sector.

Aurash is the recipient of the $2,500.00 scholarship.

Aurash’s comments:  I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your bestowal of this scholarship upon me. I will be forever grateful for your contribution to my education. I will do my best to continue the legacy that Edward has left for us and hope to honor his memory by fervently pursing my goals in international business. 

Siyu LuSiyu Lu is a senior at Univeristy of Washington, Seattle, where she is studying Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and earning a Certificate of International Studies in Business. 
Siyu is described as having strong analytical and problem solving skills, as well as having extraordinary perserverance. 
As a Corbett Fellow, she will study at the University of British Columbia as an exchange student, beginning Fall 2015. Siyu's career objectives include earning a CPA license and conducting tax research and analysis for corporations doing business in United States, Canada and China.

Siyu is the recipient of the $1,000.00 scholarship.

2014 Recipients

Caitlin SnaringCaitlin Snaring is a Junior at University of Washington in Seattle Washington studying Accounting and Marketing.  Caitlin has had many international experiences including staying with a host family in Herradura, Costa Rica and visiting the trauma surgery center in Tanzania she helped fund through local fundraising efforts.
Caitlin is described as determined and hard working with the ability to lead others.
She is looking forward to interning with the international firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers this summer.  After graduation she intends to pursue a career working with banking institutions in Europe.

Caitlin is the recipient of the $2,500.00 scholarship.

Caitlin’s comments:  Thank you again for awarding me the scholarship! 

Brian JengBrian Jeng is a Junior at University of Washington, Seattle Washington where he is studying Business Administration, Finance, Spanish and is working towards a Certificate of International Studies in Business. 
Described as a man with an exceptionally positive attitude and unbeatable work ethic Brian is a leader who allows his team to flourish. 
He is currently planning on studying abroad in Granada, Spain and after graduation is looking forward to pursuing a career in Finance on an international level.

Brian is the recipient of the $1,500.00 scholarship.

Brian’s comments: I am very honored and blessed to receive this scholarship to help pursue my dreams in business and finance on an international scale. Having dealt with tragic loss myself, my heart grieves for Edward’s family but at the same time rejoices for his legacy and their undying commitment to his legacy. My everlasting gratitude to the Board of Directors for creating and distributing this award; I am inspired by Ed and again, very honored to receive it.

Lionel ThompsonLionel Thompson is a graduate student at Western Washington University in Bellingham Washington working towards a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. 
Lionel has participated in humanitarian work throughout the world including living and working in South Africa for a year.  
Lionel is described as having tremendous passion for understanding how economic systems work on both a local and global level.  He is currently researching a project to provide an alternative to national currencies that are unstable due to hyperinflation or government intervention.

Lionel is the recipient of the $1,000.00 scholarship.

Lionel’s comments:  Thank you ever so much for considering my application and awarding me $1000 scholarship towards my education at WWU.  I am honored and blessed and greatly helped through your gift to me and my family for my graduate studies.

The Edward Quammen Scholarship fund is a non-profit organization . It is governed by a Board of Directors who are volunteers.

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